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DAIPANbutoh Collective’s mission is to bring stimulating, provocative, and exceptional performances, workshops, and forums to the diverse communities of the Northwest and beyond. Empowering local and global artists, we provide opportunities for national and international artists to work together in an environment for growth, creativity, and transformation.

We have begun to focus more on outreach by educating and developing relationships with groups including artists of different disciplines and cultural backgrounds, philosophers, academics, and contemplative practitioners.  In doing so, we aim to deeply influence our community’s evolution.

DAIPANbutoh Collective’s current community includes the DAIPANbutoh ACTIVE members Sheri Brown, Joan Laage, Helen Thorsen, Dhyana Garcia, Kaoru Okumura, Alycia Scott Zollinger, and Robyn Bjornson  in addition to DAIPANpartners and DAIPANfriends. We continually enlarge our community by interfacing with artists of various disciplines. Co-promoting, producing, and performing, we are a vehicle for cross-cultural exchange with artists internationally. We are reaching out as individual artists and as a group to become an integral, intelligent international presence in the evolving butoh aesthetic inside a global bloom of butoh-inspired art.



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