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Seattle-based collective group for butoh

DAIPANbutoh Collective is devoted to strengthening the presence of butoh in Seattle and the Northwest USA, both by producing the work of its members and by bringing in international artists for performances and workshops.

Formed in 2010, DAIPANbutoh Collective is a collective of seasoned performers and choreographers who, though all acknowledging butoh’s origins and decades of development globally, continue to hone their individual artistic voices. By bringing our collective energy, experience, and talent together, we support each other’s work by helping produce it and performing in it as well as being audience members. In order to strengthen the collective spirit, we made a conscious decision to create two group works with all members. DAIPANbutoh Collective members continue to create work individually, and as a collective, produce the Seattle Butoh Festival annually.

DAIPANbutoh Collective is very grateful to our community, including our financial supporters, for helping us stay present during 2020 and into 2021. DAIPANbutoh Collective was able to host two web events and able to pay artists in the challenging covid time and then in the beginning of summer 2021, members began organizing outdoor performances. We are pleased to bring our annual live butoh festival back this coming November.

"We shake hands with the dead, who send us encouragement from beyond our body; this is the unlimited power of Butoh."

Tatsumi Hijikata